Walking and running routes around Pontefract Park

There are several routes for walking or running in and around Pontefract Park. Click here to see the map showing the routes and distances in miles. All the routes are measured from the entrance to the children's playground. Please do not walk on the racecourse, especially along the inside rail. Regular use by pedestrians can cause unevenness on the course which would be a hazard for the racehorses.

  1. Racecourse circuit 2 miles: this route taking the path around the inside of the racecourse is a partially surfaced path with gentle slopes but because of unevenness in parts cannot be recommended as suitable for wheelchairs or pushchairs.
  2. Lake circuit 0.5 miles: this is a short walk around Pontefract Lake suitable for those with limited mobility. The area around the lake is suitable for pushchairs and wheelchairs but there are areas of unevenness.
  3. Two lakes walk 1.4 miles: this route passes along side Pontefract Lake, then straight across the grassed area in the centre of the Park to the smaller irrigation pond at the north east corner of the Park, around the pond and back. This route is not suitable for those with impaired mobility or for wheelchairs and pushchairs. The walk across the playing fields and around the pond is not a made-up path and may be muddy occasionally. This route crosses the edge of the area used by Pontefract and District Aeromodellers; be aware of flying model aircraft on some days.
  4. Cut across 1.5 miles: this route takes the path round the inside of the Racecourse and then cuts across the middle of the Park, taking the partly surfaced path to the aeromodellers'  container. This route is not suitable for those with limited mobility or for wheelchairs and pushchairs. The western end the path is not marked and may be boggy at times.
  5. Small lake circuit 0.25 miles: this is the additional distance as a diversion from the Racecourse circuit. The path around the small irrigation lake is uneven and will be muddy at times.
  6. Route via the cycle track to Junction 32 and Xscape 1.8 miles: this route takes the tarmac surfaced road behind the Racecourse buildings and the western side of the Park, meeting the bridleway from Cutsyke at the north west corner of the Park next to the motorway. Turning right to walk parallel to the motorway meets the pedestrian underpass on the left which leads to Xscape and Junction 32 retail outlet. Although the surface of this route is suitable for wheelchairs and pushchairs there is a gated pedestrian crossing across the railway line to negotiate.

There are also footpaths leading out of the western side of the Park shown on the map not suitable for those with limited mobility, wheelchairs or pushchairs: 
  • to North Featherstone 1 mile from the western edge of the Park. The route across the fields towards North Featherstone and back to the Racecourse is a 2.5 miles circuit from the children's playground.
  • to Cutsyke 1 mile from the north west corner of the Park
  • to Park Lane 0.5 miles

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